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Having your roof fixed is a major investment, so you need to do your research before hiring a contractor. Jacobs Roofing Service Inc. in Montpelier, VA will be more than happy to help with your gutter and roofing inquiries. We will answer any concerns about custom roofing or gutter work.

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Our team of friendly and experienced roofers will explain our process and how our work benefits your home or office. We can also provide tips on which roofing material suits your property best and how to identify damage on your roof. Use our online contact form to send your inquiries. Our reliable roofers will respond as soon as possible.
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Having a perfectly maintained roof is not just possible, but also affordable if you call the right contractor. Our experienced crew is dedicated to restoring the look and function of your entire roofing system. Call (804) 883-5111 if you have any more questions. You can count on us to do everything we can to assist you.